NERC-funded Functional data analysis workshop

Monday 17th-Tuesday 18th March, 2014 Lab 215, Maths & Stats Building


Core and advanced environmental statistics training - functional data analysis workshop (click link for workshop poster)

This workshop will introduce methods in functional data analysis, with an emphasis on practical issues and data arising from environmental monitoring devices and optical or mechanical tracking devices.  Functional data analysis is a new and very powerful statistical methodology, which treats time series data in new ways (the “datapoint” becomes the curve).

The workshop will train students to identify scenarios where data may be considered to be smooth functions and construct visualization strategies and implement nonparametric smoothing for exploring functional data.  Using several environmental data sets we will illustrate ways to describe the variation among a group of curves, to describe differences between groups of curves and to understand the effect of one set of curves on another by formulating and fitting several types of functional linear models. We also discuss some techniques that are unique to functional data: curve alignment and the analysis of rates of changes or derivatives.

The workshop will consist of lectures, discussion and practical work using the statistical software R.

Course leader: Dr Surajit Ray

Please send the completed and signed application form ,in PDF format, to Louise Murphy at the email address below. 

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