Vortex Dynamics and Quantum Turbulence in Bose-Einstein Condensates

Dr. Joy Allen (Newcastle University)

Thursday 24th October, 2013 14:00-15:00 Maths 326


Weakly interacting, dilute atomic Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) have proved to be an attractive context for the study of nonlinear dynamics and quantum effects at the macroscopic scale. Recently, atomic BECs have been used to investigate quantum turbulence both experimentally and theoretically, stimulated largely by the high degree of control which is available within these quantum gases.   I shall motivate the use of atomic BECs for the study of quantum turbulence and further discuss our theoretical investigations into single vortex dynamics as well as possible mechanisms to generate an isotropic vortex tangle for the study of quantum turbulence in this scenario.
The results presented for zero temperature single vortex dynamics are obtained using the Gross-Pitaevskii equation (GPE).  These are extended to finite temperature using the Zaremba-Nikuni-Griffin scheme, whereby the condensate is described by a dissipative GPE coupled to a quantum Boltzmann equation for the thermal cloud. 

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