On the approximation of isochoric motions of fluids under different flow conditions

Dr. Luigi Vergori (University of Glasgow)

Thursday 28th November, 2013 14:00-15:00 Maths 326


There has been considerable interest, ever since the development of the approximation by Oberbeck and Boussinesq concerning fluids that are mechanically incompressible but thermally compressible or expansible, in giving a rigorous justification for the same. For such fluids, it would be natural to assume that the deformation gradient (which is a measure of the volume change of the body) depends on the temperature. However, such an assumption has the attendant drawback of the specific heat of the fluid at constant volume being zero. In this talk, I introduce  generalizations of some approximations in Fluid Dynamics wherein the volume change depends both on the temperature and on the pressure that the fluid is subject to. Within the context of these generalizations, the specific heat at constant volume can be defined meaningfully, and it is not zero. 

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