Genesis of an Arterial Pulse

Muhammad Umar Qureshi (University of Glasgow)

Friday 12th April, 2013 16:00-17:00 Maths 516


The blood pressure is an important indicator of a person's health in general and the condition of blood vessels and the work load on heart in particular. However, a persistently high blood pressure of hypertension is not a disease ifself, instead it is the manifestation (often late) of some vascular disease which was created in the cardiovascular system long before a high blood pressure was first noticed. So is it possible to diagnose a vascular disease at it's earliest stage? Yes it is, but for that we need to understand the mechanics involved in the creation of apparent pressure pulse by interrogating its shape, not only the magnitude. In this talk I will explain the genesis of an arterial pulse and its effect on the heart condition as a consequence with the help of some extremely simple mathematics.

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