The asymmetric exclusion process: an integrable model for non-equilibrium statistical physics

Kirone Mallick (CEA-Saclay)

Tuesday 29th January, 2013 15:00-16:00 Maths 416


The asymmetric simple exclusion process  (ASEP) is a model used  as a  template to study various aspects of non-equilibrium statistical physics.  It appears as a building block in more realistic descriptions  for low-dimensional transport with constraints.  In the  steady state, a  non-vanishing current is  carried through the system. The statistical  properties of this current are archetypal observables for non-equilibrium  behaviour. It this talk, I shall review some properties of the ASEP and focus on exact results  obtained recently about  the full statistics  of the current. Our results are obtained  using integrability techniques borrowed  from the theory of quantum integrable systems such as the Bethe Ansatz  and the Matrix Product Representation.

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