On the Dolbeault-Dirac operator of a quantised Hermitian symmetric space

Uli Kraehmer (U Glasgow)

Wednesday 28th November, 2012 16:00-17:00 516


n this joint work with Matthew Tucker-Simmons (U Berkeley) the \bar\partial-complex of the quantised compact Hermitian symmetric spaces is identified with the Koszul complexes of the quantised symmetric algebras of Berenstein and Zwicknagl. This leads for example to an explicit construction of the relevant quantised Clifford algebras. The talk will be fairly self-contained and begin with three micro courses covering the necessary classical background (one on Dirac operators, one on symmetric spaces, one on Koszul algebras), and then I'll explain how noncommutative geometry and quantum group theory lead to the problems that we are dealing with in this project.

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