Untwisting a twisted Calabi-Yau algebra

Jake Goodman (U Glasgow)

Wednesday 10th October, 2012 16:00-17:00 516


Recent interest in Calabi-Yau algebras (algebras satisfying Poincare duality in their Hochschild (co)homology) has spread to the study of twisted Calabi-Yau algebras, a weakening of the original definition in which one possibly has to twist coefficients by an algebra automorphism. One may view twisted Calabi-Yau algebras as a derived analogue of Frobenius algebras and from this point of view, Calabi-Yau algebras correspond to symmetric Frobenius algebras. In this talk, I will present a method for producing a Calabi-Yau algebra from a twisted Calabi-Yau algebra.

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