Operator systems: tensor products and nuclearity

Ivan Todorov (Queen's University, Belfast)

Tuesday 9th October, 2012 16:00-17:00 515


In a recent joint work with A. Kavruk, V.I. Paulsen and M. Tomforde, we developed a general theory of tensor products in the category of operator systems. It turns out that operator system tensor products exhibit a greater subtlety than C*-algebraic ones, one of the reasons for this being the fact that the well-known maximal C*-algebraic tensor product bifurcates into distinct operator system tensor products. As a result, one obtains a rich nuclearity theory of operator systems. In this talk, I will give an overview of the tensor product theory in the operator system category, highlighting its subtleties, and show how certain notions of nuclearity can be used to give new equivalences of the Connes Embedding Problem.

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