Nonlinear magnetoelasticity: some boundary value problems

Prashant Saxena (School Maths & Stats, University Glasgow)

Thursday 10th May, 2012 14:00-15:00 325


Polymers undergoing significant changes in their elastic properties on the application of electric or magnetic fields have potential uses in a variety of engineering applications as ‘smart materials’. Recent research in synthetic development of such materials has renewed an interest in understanding the coupling of electromagnetic and mechanical phenomena in continuous media. In this talk, we focus on materials that generate a nonlinear mechanical response to a magnetic field from a mathematical point of view. After discussing the underlying theory and basic equations, we consider two different boundary value problems using some simple constitutive laws. The first problem is concerned with waves on the surface of a deformed half-space while the second is concerned with axisymmetric vibrations of a hollow cylinder.

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