Entanglement degradation of cavity modes due to motion and beyond'

Mr David Bruschi (University of Nottingham)

Saturday 5th November, 2011 09:45-10:45 204


We investigate the behavior of entanglement, contained in a maximally entangled state of uncharged scalar fields contained in Dirichlet boxes in 1+1 D, shared by inertial Alice and arbitrarily moving Rob. We provide the techniques to compute the negativity. We show that the entanglement is always periodic as a function of any of the times Rob spends accelerating or inertially coasting in his trip thorough the Cosmos. In the case of a trip to Alpha Centauri, one can finetune the different times of acceleration, coast and brake such that in the leading order in acceleration there is NO degradation of entanglement during the whole journey. We discuss these results and applications for space based experiments We also present results from work in progress.

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