Basis of Dimensional Analysis

Muhammad Umar Qureshi

Friday 25th November, 2011 16:00-17:00 Mathematics Building, room 516


Description of physical objects and events in absolute terms is impossible and all we can do is to compare one thing with (the set of) another to catch the resemblance of things. The comparison with in a standard frame of reference form the basis for units and system of units but physical quantities exists regardless of the choice of any such system, their description depend on basic properties (and their combinations) e.g. length, mass and time which are known as base dimensions in a specific context. The objective of the talk is to point out the fact that dimensional analysis is one of the key tools that make the process of mathematical modelling more efficient and economical by using the concept of dimensionless quantities. And hence stating a result that any physically meaningful relation involving n dimensional quantities can be written in an equivalent relation involving n-k dimensionless quantities, where k is the number of base dimension in the question.

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