Quantum Bundles and Noncommutative Complex Geometry

Re O'Buachalla (QM London)

Wednesday 11th January, 2012 16:00-17:00 204


Noncommutative geometry is an area that has seen intense activity over the past 25 years. Despite this, noncommutative complex geometry is only now beginning to receive serious attention. The most studied family of examples here is the family of quantum projective spaces. These arise as quantum homogeneous spaces of the quantum unitary group, and are also of central importance in the study of the noncommutative geometry of quantum groups. My PhD research focused on applying the theory of quantum principal bundles to these examples in order to better understand the complex aspects of their geometry. During this talk I will present the results of this research, and show how a notion of noncommutative Kahler geometry naturally emerges from it.

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