Gromov-Witten theory of local P1 and its mirror model

Paolo Rossi

Tuesday 19th April, 2011 15:00-16:00 Mathematics Building, room 515


It's been known for a while that the equivariant Gromov-Witten theory of the O(-1)+O(-1) bundle over P^1 (with antidiagonal C^* action on the fibers) is somehow related with the Ablowitz-Ladik hierarchy of integrable PDEs. In a joint work with A. Brini and G. Carlet we find an explicit mirror Landau-Ginzburg model for such target space and we clarify that the link of such Frobenius manifold with the one providing the Ablowitz-Ladik hierarchy is Dubrovin's duality (somewhat generalized to a non-homogeneous case).

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