Equivariant K-homology for hyperbolic reflection groups

Ruben Sanchez Garcia (University of Southampton)

Monday 28th February, 2011 16:00-17:00 204


Let P be a finite volume geodesic polyhedron in hyperbolic 3-dimensional space with interior angles between incident faces of the form \pi/n, n \ge 2 an integer. Reflections on the faces generate a Coxeter group \Gamma_P. This group acts by isometries on hyperbolic space with fundamental domain P. We present computations of the associated equivariant K-homology in terms of the geometry of P. This coincides via the Baum-Connes isomorphism with the K-theory of the reduced C^*-algebra of \Gamma_P. This is joint work with with Jean-Francois Lafont and Ivonne Ortiz.

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