Free and non-free actions, maximal abelian subalgebras and ideals in crossed-product algebras and generalisations

Sergei Silvestrov (U Lund)

Wednesday 26th May, 2010 16:00-17:00 204


Maximal abelian subalgebras, commutants and ideals are important in constructions and classification problems for Von Neumann Algebras and C*-algebras and have important implications in Representation Theory, Quantum Physics and Engineering. A fruitful interplay with dynamical systems and actions can be established for the crossed product algebras coming from dynamical systems or more general actions of groups or semi-groups. In this lecture, I will present a review of some recent results on interplay between freeness, minimality and other properties of invertible and non-invertible dynamics and general group and semigroup actions, intersection properties of ideals and maximal abelian subalgebras and relative commutants in crossed product algebras, graded and strongly algebras, crystalline graded rings, crossed product C*-algebras, crossed product Banach algebras and generalizations. 

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