Monodromy, twisting cochains and cyclic Chern character after Bismut, Getzler and others

Georgy Sharygin (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics)

Wednesday 27th May, 2009 16:00-17:00 Mathematics Building, Room 204


The notion of cyclic Chern character was introduced by Bismut, Getzler, Jones and Petrack in late 1980-ies. This is a functorial construction that associates to every vector bundle over a manifold an element in 0-degree equivariant cohomology of the free loop space of the base. In my talk I will try to explain, how this class can be related to such purely algebraic concept as the twisting cochain, associated with the bundle. The talk will be based on my preprint "Monodromy, twisting cochains and characteristic classes", arXiv:0903.3561

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