Pathogen Control in multi-host, shared pathogen systems

Andrew Hoyle (University of Stirling)

Thursday 7th May, 2009 14:00-15:00 Mathematics Building, 325


Diseases that affect more than one species are of great interest at present. They can be damaging to wildlife diversity, economic livelihood or even public health. Problems can occur when trying to control the disease as some species may be costly to locate/cull or are even protected. This talk will consider a multi-host, shared pathogen system and examine possible measures to eradicate the pathogen, using culling as a control method. In some cases it is found that eradication can be achieved by culling only a small number of host species. However by using different approaches, the resultant culling strategy to achieve eradication can vary significantly. In addition the introduction of an additional host species can eliminate the pathogen and act as an alternative to culling.

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