Organizations, Mathematics and Biology

Maurício Vieira Kritz (the National Laboratory for Scientific computing, )

Monday 14th July, 2008 15:00-16:00 Mathematics Building, room 325


Organization is an ubiquitous concept in life phenomena and biology. Finding organizations with biological meaning is of utmost importance in the analysis of the enormous quantity of data presently available. From another stand, hierarchical symbiosis is a characteristic commonly associated with biological organizations and should be a central concern for any encompassing theory for biological phenomena (H. Pattee, 1970). A most basic form of organization in nature are molecules that are, since the nineteenth century, represented by graphs, a mathematical concept. Starting from graphs, a mathematical model for organizations will be discussed and shown how this framework may help to find and describe organizations suited for biological phenomena, to discover their properties and to indicate new forms to investigate the nature of biological phenomena.

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