Fluidics of sitting, depinning, sliding and running drops

Uwe Thiele (Lougborough)

Thursday 1st May, 2008 16:00-17:00 515


After presenting a short historical overview and basic experimental results for thin film studies we introduce a long-wave model describing the time evolution of a film thickness or drop profile for a partially wetting liquid on a solid homogeneous or heterogeneous substrate. The model is used to discuss the morphology and stability of sitting and sliding drops and ridges on horizontal and inclined homogeneous substrates [1-3], and the dynamics of the depinning of sitting drops on inclined heterogeneous substrates [4]. For the latter we distinguish depinning by sniper and Hopf bifurcations. Finally, an extension of the model is employed to study chemically driven self-propelled running droplets and to distinguish non-saturated and saturated regimes of motion [5]. The final outlook discusses future directions of the field.

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