Multiscale Modelling of Electroporated Tumour Tissue: A Numerical Study

Zita Fulop (University of Glasgow)

Tuesday 21st May 13:00-13:40 Lecture Theatre 116


Electroporation-based anticancer therapies hold a great promise for improving the effectiveness of intravenous treatments of deep-seated tumours. However, there are lack of theoretical mathematical models quantifying how microstructure dynamics affect the tumour’s response. We employ the asymptotic homogenisation technique to evaluate the influence of an applied electric field on vascularised tumours. We start from Darcy’s law for the fluid flow where we express the body force by a gradient of an electric potential. We couple the system with PDEs governing the electric potential driven by charge density. Through numerical analysis of the multiscale system, we determine the effective homogenised macroscale coefficients and investigate how varying the microstructure affects the tissue hydraulic conductivity.

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