GALLANT - Systems, Communities and Data...

Claire Miller & Luigi Cao Pinna (University of Glasgow)

Wednesday 21st February 13:00-14:00 Maths 311B


The £10.2M NERC-funded GALLANT (Glasgow as a Living Lab Accelerating Novel Transformation) project is acquiring and producing data on the environment, ecology, place, people and communities to learn about Glasgow’s ‘living space’, how it is changing, and what effect interventions may have on the future environment, economy, health and wellbeing for the city.  Such data are complex coming in both quantitative and qualitative forms and as structured and unstructured sources, examples include photos, interview transcripts, deprivation indices, and social media posts.  Novel data analytics and data visualisations are essential tools to process and integrate such data in order to extract useful information to explore sustainable solutions.

This joint seminar will give an introduction to the GALLANT project and some examples from the statistical and data analytics developments ongoing including NLP, image processing and change point analysis.  Current developments include an analytics pipeline combining latent Dirichlet allocation and hidden Markov models for the automatic detection of changepoints over time, with the aim of identifying events in social media data related to Glasgow.

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