Deformations of holographic symmmetry algebras

Simon Heuveline (University of Cambridge)

Tuesday 28th February 16:00-17:00 Maths 311B


The celestial holography program centres around a conjectural holographic duality between a QFT in an asymptotically flat 4d spacetime and a 2d conformal field theory on the celestial sphere, the "CCFT". There is no dynamical evidence of

this conjecture to date (an exception is work by Costello et al on a special selfdual case) but restricting the CCFT through symmetries of amplitudes is a guiding principle. For selfdual gravity in the bulk, Strominger et al found a symmetry algebra closely related to $w_{1+\infty}$. From a 2d CFT point of view, this algebra has well-known deformations which were conjectured to correspond to quantum effects in the bulk. In arXiv:2208.13750v2, we argued that such deformations actually arise when a Poisson-bracket in the 4d bulk is deformed to a Moyal bracket. We will also discuss analogous deformations in selfdual Yang-Mills theory.

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