Néron models of Jacobians and Chai's conjecture

Otto Overkamp (University of Oxford)

Wednesday 11th January, 2023 16:00-17:00 Maths 311B


Néron models are mathematical objects which play a very important role in contemporary arithmetic geometry. However, they usually behave badly, particularly in respect of exact sequences and base change, which makes most problems regarding their behaviour very delicate. Chai introduced the base change conductor, a rational number associated with a semiabelian variety $G$ which measures the failure of the Néron model of $G$ to commute with (ramified) base change. Moreover, Chai conjectured that this invariant is additive in certain exact sequences. We shall introduce a new method to study the Néron models of Jacobians of proper (possibly singular) curves, and sketch a proof of Chai's conjecture for semiabelian varieties which are also Jacobians

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