Canonical representatives of complexified Kähler classes

Carlo Scarpa (University of Quebec in Montreal)

Monday 13th March 16:00-17:00 Maths 311B


Motivated by constructions appearing in mirror symmetry, we consider the problem of finding canonical representatives for a complexified Kähler class on a compact complex manifold. These are complex cohomology classes whose imaginary part is a Kähler class, while the real part is an arbitrary real (1,1)-class. As is often the case in complex geometry, one way to fix a representative of such a class is to impose an elliptic PDE. In this talk, I will explain why a natural choice of PDE is a coupling of the deformed Hermitian Yang-Mills equation and the constant scalar curvature equation. We will then see how to prove the existence of solutions in some special cases. Based on arXiv:2209.14157, joint work with Jacopo Stoppa.

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