Rankin Lecture 2022: What is the telescope conjecture? A walking tour of modern homotopy theory

Professor Doug Ravenel (University of Rochester)

Tuesday 24th May, 2022 16:00-17:00 Online


The School of Mathematics and Statistics is delighted to invite you to the Rankin Lecture 2022 in pure mathematics, to be given by Professor Douglas Ravenel - a winner of the prestigious 2022 Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry, the premier international award in the field. The lecture, entitled What is the telescope conjecture? A walking tour of modern homotopy theory, will be held on Tuesday 24th May 2022, 16:00 - 17:00 BST via Zoom.

About the speaker

An elected Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, Prof Doug Ravenel holds the Fayerweather Professorship of Mathematics at the University of Rochester in New York. His recently awarded Veblen prize recognises his contributions to solving the Kervaire invariant problem, which has puzzled mathematicians for the past 50 years.


The lecture is summarised in the abstract below:

Homotopy theory is an ever-growing collection of tools for studying problems in higher dimensional geometry.  Since 1970 it has led to some surprising connections between topology and other branches of mathematics, including arithmetic algebraic geometry.  This talk will be a rapid tour of the subject that will lead to a description of its biggest open question, the telescope conjecture.  No prior knowledge of the subject will be assumed.

To attend, please register in advance at https://rankin-lecture-2022.eventbrite.co.uk

We are looking forward to having you.


A recording of this lecture is available here.

Slides are available here.

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