Axisymmetric necking versus Treloar-Kearsley instability in a hyperelastic sheet under equibiaxial stretching

Yibin Fu (Keele University, UK)

Friday 13th May, 2022 13:30-14:15 Maths 311B AND ZOOM


We consider bifurcations from the homogeneous solution of a circular or square hyperelastic sheet that is subjected to equibiaxial stretching under either force- or displacement-controlled edge conditions. We derive the condition for axisymmetric necking and show, for the class of strain-energy functions considered, that the critical stretch for necking is greater than the critical stretch for the Treloar-Kearsley (TK) instability and less than the critical stretch for the limiting-point instability. An amplitude equation of variable coefficient for the bifurcated necking solution is derived through a weakly nonlinear analysis and is solved using finite difference method. The solution is used to show that necking initiation is generally sub-critical. Abaqus simulations are conducted to verify the bifurcation conditions and the expectation that the TK instability should occur first under force control,  but when the edge displacement is controlled the TK instability is suppressed, and it is the necking instability that will be observed. It is also demonstrated that axisymmetric necking follows a growth/propagation process typical of all such localization problems. An approximate model is proposed to describe the propagation stage.

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