Mathematical Modelling of Glioblastoma Invasion: Deciphering Its Interacting Dynamics with the Fibrous Brain Environment

Dumitru Trucu (University of Dundee)

Thursday 12th May, 2022 16:15-17:00 Maths 311B AND ZOOM


Despite significant recent advancements, the complex multi-scale brain tumour invasion patterns in 3D are still poorly understood. A particular role in these invasion patterns is likely played by the distribution of micro- fibres, and to address this aspect, in this talk we present our recent advances in this direction. Specifically, we will focus on our recent 3D multiscale mathematical modelling and computational development that builds on our previously introduced 2D multiscale moving-boundary framework and that is able to address the 3D multiscale tumour dynamics. T1 weighted and DTI scans are used as initial conditions for our model, and to parametrise the diffusion tensor. Numerical results show that including an anisotropic diffusion term may lead in some cases (for specific micro-fibre distributions) to significant changes in tumour morphology, while in other cases, it has no effect. This may be caused by the underlying brain structure and its microscopic fibre representation, which seems to influence cancer-invasion patterns through the underlying cell-adhesion process that overshadows the diffusion process.

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