Geometry of spaces of graphs and sofic approximations

Vadim Alekseev (TU Dresden)

Thursday 3rd March, 2022 16:00-17:00 Maths 311B


One of the fundamental connections between graph theory and group theory goes via the concept of a metric approximation of an infinite group by finite objects (groups or graphs), one important example being the notion of soficity for groups. This naturally leads to numerous results which describe approximation properties of the group (for instance, amenability or Haagerup property) in terms of geometric properties of its approximations (e.g. hyperfiniteness or coarse embeddability in a Hilbert space of a graph sequence). As it turns out, ultimately these results rely on analysis of topological and measure-theoretic properties of the coarse groupoid associated to a sequence of graphs of bounded degree. In this talk, I will describethese connections and some recent results around them.

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