Classification of tight contact structures on some seifert fibres manifolds with 4 exceptional fibers

Tanushree Shah (University of Glasgow)

Monday 14th February 16:00-17:00 Online + Maths 110


I will start by introducing contact structures. They come in two flavours: tight and overtwisted. Classification of overtwisted contact structures is well understood as opposed to that of tight contact structures. Tight contact structures have been classified on some 3 manifolds like S^3, R^3, Lens spaces, toric annuli and almost all Seifert fibered manifolds with 3 exceptional fibers.  We look at classification on one example of the seifert fibered manifold with 4 exceptional fibers. I will explain the legendrian surgery and convex surface theory which help us calculate the lower bound and upper bound of number of tight contact structures.  If time permits i will show how this method can be generalized for classification on a wider class of seifert fibered manifolds.

The talk will be preceded by a tea time at 3:45pm. The Zoom link for the seminar is and the passcode is the genus of the two-dimensional sphere (4 letters, all lowercase).

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