A few tries at convection

Prof Matthew Browning (University of Exeter)

Thursday 9th December, 2021 14:00-15:00 Room 110/ZOOM (ID: 952 2617 3958)


Convection occurs in the interior of every star, and in many planets as well. The convective motions transport heat and angular momentum, and can in some cases also build magnetic fields, with a host of observable consequences. But lately it has become clear that we've probably been getting a few things wrong about the convection. I will talk about how observations of the Sun and other stars are providing new and powerful constraints on these flows, and about our efforts to understand them using a combination of numerical simulations, parameterised models, and analytical theory. I will argue in particular that we have a reasonably good understanding of how rotation affects the convective heat transport, at least in some regimes, but that many other puzzles remain to be solved. 

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