Modeling the skeletal muscle tissue as an anisotropic active material

Alessandro Musesti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy)

Thursday 22nd July 14:00-15:20 ZOOM (ID: 959 7193 3614)


Abstract: Skeletal muscle tissue is a paradigmatic example of an active
material, for which deformations can occur in absence of loads, given an
external stimulus. After reviewing its main properties, in the talk I
will compare the two main methods used to model such materials, namely
active stress and active strain. In a hyperelastic setting, it will be
shown that a simple shear produces different stresses in the two
approaches; hence, active stress and active strain produce contrasting
results in shear, even if they both fit uniaxial data. Our results show
that experimental data on the stress-stretch response on uniaxial
deformations are not enough to establish which activation approach
better capture the activation mechanics. A further study of other
deformations, such as simple shears, would be important in order to
develop a realistic model of an active material.

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