VIRTUAL SEMINAR SERIES -- INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS: Extensions of Yang-Baxter maps via Grassmann algebras

Giota Adamopoulou (Heriot-Watt University)

Wednesday 12th May, 2021 13:30-14:30 Zoom seminar hosted by ICMS


I will discuss some recent work on integrable extensions of known Yang-Baxter maps via Grassmann algebras. First, I will describe how refactorisation problems associated to Darboux transformations of certain integrable PDEs lead to solutions of the set-theoretic Yang-Baxter equation (Yang-Baxter maps). Then, I will introduce certain extensions via Grassmann algebras of known maps of Yang-Baxter type. I will discuss some integrability properties (such as invariants, Lax representation) of these newly obtained maps and some open problems in relation to this joint work with S. Konstantinou-Rizos and G. Papamikos.


For more information, and how to access the seminar through Zoom, see the webpage of the events here.

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