VIRTUAL SEMINAR SERIES -- INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS: From Kajihara's transformation formula to deformed Macdonald–Ruijsenaars and Noumi–Sano operators

Martin Hallnäs (Chalmers University of Technology)

Wednesday 24th February, 2021 13:30-14:30 Zoom seminar hosted by ICMS


In this talk, I will explain how suitable specialisations of Kajihara's transformation formula leads to particular generalisations of (trigonometric) difference operators of Macdonald-Ruijsenaars as well as Noumi-Sano type. The transformation formula in question is a far-reaching generalisation of the Euler transformation formula for basic hypergeometric series, whereas the difference operators include the deformed Macdonald-Ruijsenaars operator studied by Sergeev and Veselov. I will sketch a few applications, including a new proof of the integrability of Sergeev and Veselov's deformed Macdonald-Ruijsenaars operator, and, time permitting, indicate some corresponding results at the elliptic level. The talk is based on ongoing joint work with Edwin Langmann, Masatoshi Noumi and Hjalmar Rosengren.


For more information, and how to access the seminar through Zoom, see the webpage of the events here.

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