Macroscopic description of bio-inspired strategies for swarm robotic systems

Gissell Estrada (Laboratory Jacques-Louis Lions (UPMC), France)

Thursday 25th February 14:00-15:00 ZOOM (ID: 938 5400 3489)


Motivated by the nonlocal movement of biological organisms
such as the bacteria E. coli and T cells, we considered Levy robotic
systems which  combine  superdiffusive  random  movement  with  emergent
  collective behaviour from local communication and alignment.  We
derived a fractional  PDE  from  the  movement  strategies  of  the 
individual  robots, introducing long range interactions and alignment
into the analysis.  The resulting kinetic model is studied at short and
long time scales. Applications we study include targeting efficiency and
optimal search strategies. We  showed  that  the  system  allows 
efficient  parameter  studies for a search problem, addressing basic
questions such as the optimal number of robots needed to cover an area.
Validation against concrete robotic simulations with e-puck robots are
also included in collaboration with computer scientists from the
Edinburgh Centre for Robotics.

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