Targeting right ventricular ischemia, fibrosis and diastolic dysfunction in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Lian Tian (University of Strathclyde)

Thursday 11th February 14:00-15:00 ZOOM (ID: 917 6490 8838)


Topic: Applied Mathematics Seminar - Tian
Start Time : Feb 11, 2021 01:44 PM

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Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is characterized by increased pulmonary arterial pressure, leading to right ventricular (RV) hypertrophy and eventually RV dysfunction and failure. RV function is a major determinant of the clinical outcome in PAH. In PAH, RV failure is characterized by dilation and fibrosis and associated with ischemia (partly due to reduced right coronary perfusion pressure). In this talk, Dr. Tian will present his recent study that counteracted ischemia via increasing right coronary artery perfusion pressure with aortic banding in order to improve RV function in PAH, highlighting the importance of right coronary artery perfusion for RV function in PAH. He will also present his recent findings on the mitochondrial mechanisms of fibroblasts/fibrosis and diastolic dysfunction in RV in PAH, which are potential therapeutic targets.


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