VIRTUAL SEMINAR SERIES -- INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS: Soliton Solutions of noncommutative anti self dual Yang Mills equations

Claire Gilson (University of Glasgow)

Wednesday 11th November, 2020 13:30-14:30 Zoom seminar hosted by ICMS


We present exact soliton solutions of anti-self-dual Yang-Mills equations for G=GL(N) on noncommutative Euclidean space in four-dimensions by using Darboux transformations.

The solutions are generated in terms of quasideterminants of Wronski type. We look at the one-soliton solutions for G=GL(2) whose energy density can be real-valued. We find that the soliton solutions are essentially the same as the commutative ones and can be interpreted as domain walls in four-dimensions.


For more information, and how to access the seminar through Zoom, see the webpage of the events here.

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