UK Operator Algebras Seminar: An Introduction to Dixmier-Douady theory

Ulrich Pennig (University of Cardiff)

Thursday 13th August, 2020 16:00-16:45 Contact Mike Whittaker for Zoom info


A bundle of C*-algebras is a collection of algebras continuously parametrised by a topological space. There are (at least) two different definitions in operator algebras that make this intuition precise: Continuous C(X)-algebras provide a flexible analytic point of view, while locally trivial C*-algebra bundles allow a classification via homotopy theory. The section algebra of a bundle in the topological sense is a C(X)-algebra, but the converse is not true. In this talk I will compare these two notions using the classical work of Dixmier and Douady on bundles with fibres isomorphic to the compacts as a guideline. I will then explain joint work with Marius Dadarlat, in which we showed that the theorems of Dixmier and Douady can be generalized to bundles with fibers isomorphic to stabilized strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras. An important feature of the theory is the appearance of higher analogues of the Dixmier-Douady class.

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