Exploring the tumour microenvironment using image-based modelling

Paul Sweeney (Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute)

Thursday 11th June, 2020 14:00-15:00 ZOOM (ID: 975 5764 7846)


Please Note: The ZOOM meeting will be password protected, as per the e-mail you received with subject: "Applied Mathematics Seminar ZOOM password".

The physical structure of solid tumours has long been known to limit the delivery of drugs. Factors such as poor blood flow, dense cell packing and raised interstitial fluid pressure can conspire to limit drug delivery in complex, unpredictable ways. We have created a platform to better understand these interactions, using three-dimensional microscopy and magnetic resonance imaging, combined with mathematical modelling of tumour fluid dynamics. I will present an overview of this platform, which we have named REANIMATE, and describe how we are using it to investigate novel tumour biology.

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