Fun and games with the Steenrod algebra (OATS)

Andy Baker (University of Glasgow)

Monday 27th April, 2020 14:30-16:00 Zoom


Andy Baker is speaking at the OATS seminar ( on zoom. I'll send more details of the relevant zooms to the G&T mailing list - if you're not subscribed, drop me (Tom) an email (

Full abstract:

The mod 2 Steenrod algebra is an important tool in unstable and stable homotopy theory but it is also interesting as a purely algebraic gadget. I will briefly review its algebraic structure and that of some important finite subHopf algebras. Then I will discuss some realisability questions for modules, ranging from classical examples to modules over the E-infinity ring spectra kO and tmf localised at 2. I hope this talk will be accessible to beginners and also have some things to interest experts.

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