Mechanistic-statistical approach for dating and localizing biological invasions

Candy Abboud (University of Glasgow)

Thursday 16th April, 2020 14:00-15:00 ZOOM (online seminar)


Population dynamics of pathogens invading new regions continues to be of primary concern for both biologists and mathematicians. Extensive researches are mainly carried out throughout mathematical modeling to reconstruct the past dynamics of the alien species. In this talk, we present a mechanistic-statistical approach that allows us to date and localize the invasion of an alien species and describe other epidemiological parameters as per example, the di usion, the reproduction and the mortality parameter. The used approach is based on (i) a coupled reaction-di usion-absorption sub-model that describes the dynamics of the epidemics in a heterogeneous domain and (ii) a stochastic sub-model that represents the observation process. Then, we will jointly estimate the initial conditions (date and site) and the epidemiological parameters using a Bayesian framework through an adaptive multiple importance sampling algorithm. We will show the results obtained in this framework on the basis of abundant post-introduction data gathered to draw up a surveillance plan on the expansion of Xylella fastidiosa, a phytopathogenic bacterium detected in South Corsica in 2015. Nevertheless, this approach could be applied to other post-emergent species in order to endorse a fast reaction.

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