A 1D model for coronary artery flow OR an absolute bloody mess

Jay Mackenzie

Friday 17th January, 2020 14:00-15:00 Maths 311B


Jay will give an overview of their research hopefully including some interesting results.

The coronary arteries are those that supply the heartwall itself with blood. As they supply the heartwall, they must also be buried within the heartwall. So, every time the heart beats they are subject to some dynamic external pressure. This by itself does not pose many modelling difficulties, however, when one considers the sheet number of coronary vessels (> 10000), the scale on which vessels exist (radii range between 5000 and 50 {\mu}m), the arterial and venous sides of the coronary tree are wildly different in spatial structure, and there is a sharp pressure discontinuity at the heartwall. How do we deal with all of this while making a physiologically realistic computational model? Is this why Jay always looks mildly stressed? The answers are 1d modelling and some clever algorithms, and yes. 

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