Dynamical Diagnose of Pile Foundations and its Innovation

Walter Hu (University of Glasgow)

Thursday 13th February, 2020 14:00-15:00 Maths 311B


In mega buildings or structures, pile foundation is usually utilized to transfer different kinds of loads (either static or dynamic) to deep rock bed. The quality of the pile foundation and its dynamic character is utmost important for the safety of upper structures. Dynamical diagnose of pile, which is one of the in-situ test methods, can provide information about the wholesome of a bored pile and its dynamic stability. However, many coefficients including the ground initial stresses, the soil plug in a hollow pile and the shape of a pile have an strong influence on the final results. In this talk, a general theoretical background, immediately followed by the influence of some key parameters are given. Some innovations in bridge pile foundation are proposed, and an analogy between piles and arteries are provided.


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