LTS seminar

Mitchum, Marnie and Colette (University of Glasgow)

Friday 24th January, 2020 15:00-16:00 Maths 311B


*** Please bring your own device (BYOD), e.g. smartphone, tablet or laptop, to participate in the seminar  ***
  1. Using personal response systems (PRS) and R software on students' own devices to enhance lectures – Mitchum Bock 

The free statistical software environment R is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in many disciplines and is a vital tool to illustrate and apply many data related concepts (such as sampling, estimation and inference).  It can be illuminating for students to use simple R code in a classroom setting where the only technology available to them is their own device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop).  This is especially true when combining the individual results of all students running the R code illustrates a concept (such as randomisation, variability and sampling distributions). 

This seminar describes and demonstrates a pilot study where these objectives were pursued with a class of 140 Level 1 students.  Several approaches to enable students to run R code on their own devices will be described/demonstrated (with varying degrees of success). A free personal response system (PRS) called “pingo” is described and used to combine and summarise numerical responses from participants, as it’s the only PRS known to the author which recognises numerical responses and produces instant appropriate summaries (graphical and numerical).


  1. Update and Discussion on Locally Organised Workshop as part of IMA/RSS Higher Education Teaching and Learning Series 2019/20 – Marnie Low and Colette Mair 

The Stats LT&S Research Group was successful in their bid for funding to host a one-day workshop on “Assessment strategies for mathematical sciences in the digital era” on 11 June 2020 here at Glasgow University. 

We will outline the planning and provisional programme and invite discussion/suggestions to shape the day and maximize its relevance and benefits.  This workshop aims to benefit us all and any suggestions of speakers/topics or discussion points you may have will be very much appreciated.

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