Stochastic modelling, simulation and analysis of dynamic biological systems: the NF-κB case study

Giorgos Minas (University of St Andrews)

Friday 11th October, 2019 15:00-16:00 Maths 311B


Cells constantly receive a multitude of different signals from their external environment. They use networks of interacting molecules to respond to these signals and trigger the appropriate actions. An important target of molecular biology is to identify and study the key components of these networks that are often found to be therapeutic targets. An important example is the NF-κB signalling system that responds to a variety of signals related to stress and inflammation in order to activate a large number (>500) of different genes. The NF-κB network is noisy and complex with oscillatory dynamics, involving multiple feedback loops, and therefore, mathematically, is very interesting. In this talk, I am going to introduce the NF-kB signalling pathway, and discuss stochastic models for NF-κB and generally oscillatory dynamical systems. A mathematical framework for assessing the ability of a stochastic system to use hypothesis testing in order to distinguish between multiple simultaneously received signals.

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