Noncommutative Instantons and Reciprocity

Masashi Hamanaka (Nagoya University)

Friday 22nd March, 2019 13:00-14:00 Maths 311B


We would like to discuss the ADHM construction of noncommutative instantons together with a brief review of commutative ADHM construction from the viewpoint of the Fourier-Mukai-Nahm transformation [2]. 
We prove the reciprocity in both the star-product formalism [1] and the operator formalism. 
We reconsider origin of the instanton number by applying an idea of Atiyah and Hori to the noncommutative situation even for the U(1) case. This is based on collaboration with Toshio Nakatsu (Setsunan Univ.).
[1] Masashi Hamanaka and Toshio Nakatsu,
Noncommutative Instantons and Reciprocity (to appear)
[2] Masashi Hamanaka and Toshio Nakatsu,
ADHM Construction of Noncommutative Instantons

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