The Baum-Connes assembly map via explicit examples

Sanaz Pooya (Stockholm University)

Wednesday 17th April, 2019 13:00-14:00 Maths 110


The Baum-Connes conjecture suggests a link between operator algebras and topology/geometry. The link is provided via the so-called assembly map and the conjecture is that this map is an isomorphism of two abelian groups; equivariant K-homology and K-theory of specific objects constructed from a group. Up to date, it is known that the conjecture holds true for large classes of groups including  a-T-menable groups, however it is still open for linear groups. In this talk, I will provide an alternative proof for bijectivity of the assembly map of certain wreath product groups. This proof employs the topological approach of Davis-Lück instead of the classical KK-picture of Kasparov and makes use of the particular semi direct product structure of wreath products.

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