The Yang-Baxter equation and higher twists over SU(n)

Ulrich Pennig (Cardiff University)

Wednesday 24th October, 2018 16:00-17:00 Maths 311B


The Yang-Baxter equation was introduced as a consistency equation in statistical mechanics,
but has since then appeared in many other research areas, for example integrable quantum
field theory, knot theory, the study of Hopf algebras and quantum information theory. Its
solutions are called R-matrices. Twisted K-theory on the other hand is a variant of
topological K-theory that allows local coefficient systems called twists. For spaces and
twists equipped with an action by a group equivariant twisted K-theory provides an even
finer invariant. Twists over Lie groups gained increasing importance in the subject due
to a result by Freed, Hopkins and Teleman that relates the twisted equivariant K-theory
of the group to the Verlinde ring of the associated loop group. In this talk I will discuss
how involutive R-matrices give rise to a natural generalisation of the twist appearing in
this theorem via exponential functors.

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