Academic Research Interests

Our academic staff supervise international research students within our diverse and dynamic research community.

Please get in touch with the individual academic for an informal discussion about opportunities for postgraduate research in their area of expertise.

David Borthwick

Dr David Borthwick

Lecturer (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: literary responses to historical and contemporary environments, poetic responses to landscape and place, the future of place, ecopoetry, contemporary UK poetry, walking, ecocriticism, green studies, new nature writing, bioregional writing, bioregionalism

Dr Katarzyna Borkowska

Lecturer in Education (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

David Clark

Professor David Clark

Wellcome Trust Investigator (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: End of life care; End of life policy and services; Interventions in end of life issues; Hospice and palliative care history; Evaluation in end of life care; Housing with care; The life and works of Cicely Saunders

Benjamin Franks

Dr Benjamin Franks

Senior Lecturer (Social and Political Philosophy) (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Anarchism; anarchisms; post-anarchism; post-anarchisms; postanarchism; postanarchisms; radical ethics; Marxism, Marxisms; post-Marxisms; anti-politics; direct action; ethics; moral philosophy; virtue theory; critical theory

Steven Gillespie

Dr Steven Gillespie

Senior Lecturer (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Current Interests Ecosystem service approaches to land management Community land ownership Upland management Non-native invasive species Climate change and tourism Sustainable rural tourism

Stuart Hanscomb

Dr Stuart Hanscomb

Senior Lecturer (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Current areas of research are the psychology and philosophy of higher education (esp. student experience, emotion and authenticity); virtue theory; critical thinking, and existentialism.

Lizanne Henderson

Dr Lizanne Henderson

Senior Lecturer in History (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Cultural History, Folklore, Ethnology, Witch-Hunts, Witchcraft, Scottish Emigration, Scottish Explorers, Transatlantic Slave Trade, Human-Animal Studies, Animal Studies, Anthrozoology, Environmental History, Environmental Humanities, Arctic Studies, Polar Exploration, Tourism,

Alistair Hunter

Dr Alistair Hunter

Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Policy (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Ageing; International Migration; End-of-Life Issues; Ethnic and Religious Minorities; Policymaking; Social Systems Theory; Luhmann; Islam; Muslim; Middle East; Christian; Death; Dying; Older People; Return; Pensions; Care; Health; Home; ICT; Deathscapes; Transnationalism; Burial

Ralph Jessop

Dr Ralph Jessop

Senior Lecturer (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: 18th-century Literature and Philosophy; 19th-century Literature and Philosophy; Scottish Philosophy and Intellectual History; Thomas Carlyle; Sir William Hamilton; Thomas Reid; Scepticism; Philosophy of Education; J.M. Barrie; Literary-Philosophical Critical Studies; Equality.

Marian Krawczyk

Dr Marian Krawczyk

Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: end of life; palliative care; hospital care; clinical practice change; qualitative and non-traditional methods; affect and suffering; medical anthropology; ethnographic theory; research ethics; microbiome

Dr Jeremy Law

Lecturer in Education (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Dyslexia, morphological processing, reading development, interventions

Oscar Odena

Dr Oscar Odena

Reader (Educational Leadership & Policy)

Research interests: Qualitative research approaches and data analysis; music education; social inclusion; creativity; professional learning; primary, post-primary, higher education; teachers' thinking; students' voice; doctoral education; social arts programmes; international development;

Fabrice Renaud

Professor Fabrice Renaud

Professor in Environmental Risk/Community Resilience (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: hydro-meteorological hazards; disaster risk reduction; climate change adaptation; coastal and deltaic social-ecological systems; water pollution and risks

Naomi Richards

Dr Naomi Richards

Lecturer (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: End of life issues facing older people, Dementia and end of life decision-making; Assisted suicide; Testimony, witnessing and narrative at the end of life; Visual representations of older people; Visual representations of death and dying

Mr Carlo Rinaldi

Lecturer (Interdisciplinary Studies)

John Xiaogang Shi

Dr John Xiaogang Shi

Senior Lecturer in Hydrology (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Hydrometeorological Hazards (e.g. Floods and Droughts); Hydrological Forecasting; Hydrological Modeling; Snow and Permafrost Hydrology; Remote Sensing and Machine Learning; Groundwater and Surface-water Interactions; Land and Atmosphere Interactions.

Guillaume Tiberghien

Dr Guillaume Tiberghien

Lecturer in Tourism (Management/Marketing) (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Tourism Policy, Planning and Sustainable Development; Authenticity and the Visitor Experience; Tourism and Commodification of Cultures; Community Development and Empowerment; Reciprocity in Tourism; Mobilities and the tourism Experience; Cross-cultural Tourism Marketing

Natalie Welden

Dr Natalie Welden

Lecturer in Environmental Science and Sustainability (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Bethan Wood

Dr Bethan Wood

Senior Lecturer (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Currently supervising a student who is researching: agricultural placements for secondary pupils.