School Seminar Programmes

Immunobiology External Seminars 2023



 Date       LocationSpeakerHost



Jim Brewer Lab Group (Sii)

Jim Brewer


In-person Professor Vicky Cowling (Beatson Institute) Georgia Perona-Wright


Common Room, SGDB

Jonathan Cavanagh Lab Group (Sii)

Speakers: Kirstyn Gardner, Hassan Al Fadhel Dr Julie Bougognon, Dr Deepika Sharma Post Doc

Jonathan Cavanagh


In-person Kevin Maloy Lab Group (Sii) Kevin Maloy



Simon Milling Lab Group (Sii)

Speakers: Anna Andrusaite, Annabelle Ferguson, Rumaisa Zubairi, Catriona Laverty, Eleanor Richards

Simon Milling


Yudowitz Seminar Room, Wolfson Medical School WSIG: Professor Rachel McLoughlin (Trinity College Dublin)  Megan MacLeod


Room 103A, Clarice Pears Building

Julia Edgar Lab (Sii)

Speakers: Julia Edgar, Shazia Yazdani Lina Komarek, Katie Chapple

Julia Edgar


Room 103A, Clarice Pears Building

Dr Robert Grey (University of Edinburgh) Matthew Walters/Jim Brewer


Room 102, Clarice Pears Building Megan MacLeod Lab Group (Sii) Megan MacLeod


Room 103A, Clarice Pears Building

Michael Buck (Francis Crick Institute)

Metabolic regulation of immunity and the yin and yang of dead cell sensing

Georgia Perona-Wright


Room 103A, Clarice Pears Building Dr Tovah Shaw (University of Edinburgh) Simon Milling


Seminar room 237B, ARC

& Zoom

Professor Martin J. Stone (Monash University​)

Engineering Tick Proteins to Target Inflammatory Chemokines

Maddy Cunningham


In-person Mariola Kurowska-Stolarska Lab Group (Sii) Mariola Kurowska-Stolarska


Seminar Room 103A, Clarice Pears Building Dr Marieke Pingen (Sii)  

Parasitology External Seminars 2023

All seminars will be held on Friday at 2pm (unless stated otherwise)

  • GRiP-ing seminars are open meetings.
    • Recording of GRiP-ing seminars are available to view on the Sii YouTube channel for a limited period only.
  • vRUM seminars are closed meetings where we discuss unpublished research. Please do not record or screenshot anything without the presenters permission, and please do not share this link without speaking to us first.

For further details or to be added to either mailing list, please contact Dr Clare Harding.


 Date       LocationSeminar typeSpeakerInstitutionTitle

13/1/23 (2pm)



Robyn Kent University of Vermont Targeting Toxoplasma Gondi MyoA to alter disease severity in vivo

20/1/23 (2pm)



Professor Raffi Aroian Chan Medical School Paraprobiotics: changing the paradigm for treating soil-transmitted helminths

27/1/23 (2pm) 

 Zoom  GRiP-ing  Ana Rita Gomes University of Montpellier DNA replication in malaria parasites 

3/2/23 (2pm)

Zoom/In-person RUM Dr Dagmara McGuinnes Moxon Lab Exploring the role of histone-like proteins in paediatric meningococcal disease

10/2/23 (2pm)

Zoom RUM Dr Sergi Alonso Lamberton Lab The short-term impact of Schistosoma mansoni infection on health-related quality of life: implications for WHO elimination policies

17/2/23 (2pm)

Zoom/In-person RUM Dr Joao Da Silva Filho Marti Lab Spatial Biology approaches to investigate host-Plasmodium interaction in the human bone marrow and spleen

24/2/23 (12pm)

Zoom | Passcode: 581356 GRiP-ing Dr Stuart Ralph University of Melbourne Artemisinin resistance in Plasmodium, K-13 and the cytostome

3/3/23 (2pm)

Zoom RUM

Edward Agboraw

Olympia Hardy

Otto Lab

From cellxgene to paraCell: A novel use-case for cell atlases in parasitology

cellXplore: Unravelling the single-cell interactome, one click at a time

10/3/23 (2pm)

Zoom & Room C222, BHF


Dr Katerina Artavanis-Tsakonas

University of Cambridge

Identifying and targeting ubiquitin pathway enzymes in Plasmodium parasites

15/3/23 (11am)

Yudowitz Seminar Room, Wolfson Medical School WCIP Professor Jan Palmowski  Secretary-General The Guild of European Universities Reimagining the Horizon: Developing a new vision for European Science Policy?

24/3/23 (2pm)

Zoom & In-person RUM Dr Jack Hannah Harding Group Developing mode of action tools using lysyl-tRNA synthetase to support Cryptosporidium drug discovery

24/3/23 (2pm)

Zoom | Passcode: 653794 GRiP-ing Dr Jason Gigley University of Wyoming​  Theft of host iron machinery for successful parasitism by Toxoplasma gondii

28/4/23 (2pm)

In-person & Zoom | Passcode: 811202 GRiP-ing Dr Francesco Baldini BOHVM Infrared spectroscopy for vector-borne disease surveillance

5/5/23 (2pm)

Zoom & In-person RUM Dr Joanne Power Modrzynska Group Gene expression regulation during early Plasmodium ookinete development

14/5/23 (12pm)

Zoom & Room C222, BHF RUM Dr Teresa Attenborough Berriman Group Unknown cells and uncharacterised genes: using single cell RNA sequencing in Schistosoma mansoni

19/5/23 (2pm)

Room C222, BHF RUM Dr Walt Adamson MacLeod Group Variants of the trypanolytic protein APOL1 are associated with multiple disease phenotypes: a UK Biobank study

2/6/23 (2pm)

Zoom & Room C222, BHF RUM Daniel Welsh Sheiner Lab Synthetic induced auxotrophy: attenuating Toxoplasma gondii for use as a therapeutic vector platform

9/6/23 (2pm)

Zoom GRiP-ing Dr Aoife Heaslip University of Connecticut An Unconventional Mechanism of cargo transport in Toxoplasma gondii

16/6/23 (2pm)

Zoom GRiP-ing Heather Painter U.S. Food & Drug Administration  RNA-centric Approaches To Unravelling Gene Expression Regulation In The Malaria Parasite

19/7/23 (12pm)

Zoom & Room C222, BHF Special Seminar Yael Dagan Tel Aviv University The role of RNA modifications in the regulation of planarian stem cell differentiation


Virology (CVR) Seminars 2023

Full internal and external Virology seminar listings can be found on the CVR events & seminars page 

Bacteriology External Seminars 2023

All seminars will be held on Thursday at 12noon (unless stated otherwise).

The recurring Zoom link for all Bacteriology seminars is:

Contact: Dr Hua Wang


 Date       LocationSpeakerInstitutionTitle

27/1/23 (3pm)

Common Room, SGDB Professor Jay Mellies Reed College Bugs to the rescue: Can five bacteria help solve the plastic waste crisis?



Glasgow Single Cell RNA-Seq Seminar Series 2023

Weekly Single Cell RNA-Seq clinic Wednesdays are held on Zoom. The aim is to give attendees the change to discuss analysis and sample preparation of scRNA-Seq data in which participants are encouraged to show their data.


 Date       Location  SpeakerInstitutionTitle



Flow Cytometry Seminar Series 2023


 Date       LocationSpeakerInstitutionTitleFurther details

20/2/23 (3pm)

Room C222, BHF building Lawrence Rentoul Merck Detection is Critical: Creating a Guidance led ELISA - Highlighting the impact of guidance on your immunoassay driven work. Event Registration