School Seminar Programmes

Immunobiology Seminars 2023/24

All seminars will be held on Wednesday at 1pm (unless stated otherwise)



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Parasitology External Seminars 2023/24

All seminars will be held on Friday at 2pm (unless stated otherwise)

  • GRiP-ing seminars are open meetings.
    • Recording of GRiP-ing seminars are available to view on the Sii YouTube channel for a limited period only.
  • RUM seminars are closed meetings where we discuss unpublished research. Please do not record or screenshot anything without the presenters permission, and please do not share this link without speaking to us first.

For further details or to be added to either mailing list, please contact Sii-ACAD-admin or Dr Clare Harding.


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Virology (CVR) Seminars 2023/24

Full internal and external Virology seminar listings can be found on the CVR events & seminars page 

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Bacteriology External Seminars 2023

All seminars will be held on Thursday at 12noon (unless stated otherwise).

The recurring Zoom link for all Bacteriology seminars is:



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Glasgow Single Cell RNA-Seq Seminar Series 2023/24

Weekly Single Cell RNA-Seq clinic Wednesdays are held on Zoom. The aim is to give attendees the change to discuss analysis and sample preparation of scRNA-Seq data in which participants are encouraged to show their data.


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