Parasites, both the single-cell protozoa and the multicellular helminths, cause a wide variety of human and livestock diseases worldwide, with severe consequences in both developing and developed countries.  We have a broad and deep research portfolio, employing molecular, biochemical, genetic, cell biological, immunological and informatics approaches. 

We address a diverse set of parasite features that are core to parasite persistence, diversification and disease, including metabolism, gene expression, drug resistance, immune evasion, invasiveness, differentiation, parasite biology at the population and cellular levels, and pathogenesis.  The broad aim is to improve the control and treatment of parasitic disease.  Indeed, we are very active in developing translational leads, such as candidate drug targets, and we have links with a number of translational organisations.

Much of our research is undertaken in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology, a well-equipped unit that focuses on protozoan parasites and is particularly active in global analyses of parasite biology, including genomics, metabolomics and ecological approaches.  We also have numerous research links with disease-endemic countries, in particular in Africa.

Head of Research Area (Parasitology) - Professor Andy Waters
Deputy Head of Research Area (Parasitology) - Professor Mike Barrett